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Janus creates singular, subtly emotive sculptures
that embrace the symbiosis of anthropological myth and nature into a contemporary voice. From uniquely sculpted, hand held ceramics to large museum or public art bronze installations.

Janus’s Infinity Projects are theme based
series that are infused with new works.
They run without beginning or end and are not site
or time specific. The various series reflect on mythologies
and tap into a collective unconscious
that moves from mind to hand and hand to mind.

Janus moved to Salt Spring Island in 2020, from Ontario.

National and International solo/group exhibitions & private and public collections:
o CANADA; British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec
o UNITED STATES; California, New York, Santa Fe NM, Arizona, Florida, Texas
o ABROAD; UK, Israel, Ireland, Germany, Peru

Career High Points:
o Global, cultural exchanges of art works and conceptual contacting.
o Ghosts Gallery and Sculpture Garden; works by Janus
• 911 sculptural installation in New York
o Public art installations in Southern Ontario, Quebec
• HBA Fine Arts and Art History; McMaster University, Ontario, Canada
o Acmes: Awards, Juror, Board positions
o Former Faculty of Dundas Valley School of Art and Art Gallery of Burlington
o Conference Symposiums in New York; initiate dialogues and response work
o Lecture style group tours & response work; New York, Santa Fe, Toronto, Montreal, Buffalo

I live with forest, streams and ocean tides.
Within the streams I found clay, within the clay I found my voice.

I create images of people who still
Live out their stories, images of those long past and images of myth that only imagination and the reality of honest experience can tell

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