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Avril Kirby

“Conversations with Thomas” is a series I have been working on since spring of 2016.  Captain Thomas Hastings (in reality neither a Captain nor a Hastings) was my great, great, great grandfather on my mother’s side, a customs collector and an artist of some repute. His pencil drawings, in the form of two sketchbooks of Hampstead Heath and Hastings, England, have been passed down through the family to my sister and me.

I have merged what we have both chosen to portray of our realities, using my photographic landscapes and my photographs of his drawings, in layered pieces that make a conversation between the two of us, despite being two centuries and two continents apart. In the process I have discovered a new, unexpected world of depth and complexity that unfolds like stories being told.

Please watch the link below on YouTube for her slide show of Avril’s works.

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